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Fife Sands - Baby Gardens

There are four Baby Snowdrop Memorial Gardens in Fife in current use which were developed as a joint partnership between Fife Council and Fife Sands. These are recognised gardens which have been dedicated to the memory of our babies, where parents, relatives and friends may sit in tranquil surroundings to remember their loved ones. Kirkcaldy Crematorium, Hayfield Cemetery, Dunfermline Cemetery and Dunfermline Crematorium. We also have a memorial stone at St Andrews West Cemetery where the babies born at Craigtoun Maternity Hospital are remembered.

The cemeteries each have a cairn inscribed with the words “for all our babies briefly known forever loved”.

The crematoria have a little statue of a baby cradled in a hand with the same inscription, plus the words “I will never forget you for I have held you in the palm of my hand”.

The gardens are landscaped and are regularly maintained.

With reference to burials, please note that the memorial gardens are situated on "common ground‟ and as a result no individual marker or headstone may be placed to identify graves, either on the grass, or in/below the hedge directly behind your baby's resting place.

At each site there is a memorial stone on which you may have your baby's name and date inscribed. There is no time limit on this service, and is charged at cost. Forms are available here

We ask that flowers, removed from packaging, are only placed around the memorial stones for ease of maintenance. Please do not leave any soft toys at the gardens. Any mementos which are left will be removed on a regular basis and held within the groundsman's office for a short time for collection.

History of Fife Sands

Fife Sands was first set up in 1993 to provide support to bereaved parents locally. By 1998 the group began to develop its services and work on new projects.

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