This month I have managed to find some spare time (I’m not sure where from) to write a little blog to let you know what the committee have been up to.  You may think that we aren’t doing very much, as it has been fairly quiet, however we have been very busy.  The biggest thing that we have to report, is that after many years and much collaboration with the hospital, Fife now has a Bereavement Midwife in post.  This is a 12 month post, part funded by the hospital, part funded by Fife Sands.  We are all really excited to welcome Mairi Markey to the post, and after meeting with her last night, can see that she is completely dedicated to the role and in trying to improve things for bereaved parents and their families in Fife.  There will be more information released about this later in the year.

We are also working very hard to organise the annual Christmas service which is to be held on the afternoon of Sunday 10th December at St Brycedale Church, Kirkcaldy.  This is a family service and all are welcome to attend and take part in the memorial for their baby(ies).

Committee members will also be attending the AGM for Sands UK in Birmingham next month and hope to build on relationships with other groups and share best practices and new practices being suggested by National.

Along with the general running of the Support meetings, we are continuing to attend various local groups to give talks on the charity and the work that we are doing to help support families at the darkest time.

If you would be interested in becoming involved with the committee, then please email me ( and I can arrange for you to attend part or all of a future meeting.  Without our volunteers we cannot progress in the group.  Thanks for reading and I hope that I can provide another update on out position in a few months.

Melanie Malcolm (Chairperson, Fife Sands)